General Needs Loans

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St. Louis Jewish Loan Association offers one type of interest-free loan program to the Jewish community to help overcome temporary hardships that may have arisen unexpectedly.

General Needs Loans up to $5,000


A General Needs Loan can include, but not be limited to any of the following types of needs: medical and dental, mortgage or rent payments, home repairs, legal fees, funeral expenses, vehicle purchases and repairs, taxes, education, Jewish life cycle celebrations, Jewish summer camp, general living expenses, credit card debt, adoption, and small business loans.


  • Loans must be repaid within 36 months and the first repayment will be made within 30 days of the receipt of the loan.
  • It is our preference that borrowers complete an ACH authorization form so that monthly loan repayments are withdrawn directly from their bank account on the 15th of the month
  • Guarantors are also required for all loans.
  • General Needs Loans can take up to one month to process, so we are unable to address emergency loans at this time.
General Needs Loan Application Form
Guarantor Loan Application Form